Combination of Centre seal and 2/3 Side seal Machine with Stand up and Zipper Attachment - Pneumatically Operated



   Maximum Width (In mm)
   Single Roll    600 - 1200*
   Double Roll    300 - 600*
   Maximum Width of Pouch (Inn mm)
   Centre Seal    290 - 590*
   Side Seal    300 - 600*
   Zipper    300
   Stand Up    300
   Maximum Length of Pouch (In mm)
   Centre Seal - Side Seal    500**
   Zipper    200 - 400*
   Stand Up    200 - 400*
   Maximum Speed Machine    160+***
   Electric Heater (KW)
   Centre Seal - Side Seal    0.6 x 2
   Bottom Sealer    0.8 - 1.5 x 4-6
   Draw Motor    AC Variable
   Indexing    Servo
   Connected Load (KW)    10 - 14 +
   Requirement of Air
   Air Pressure    6 Kg
   Air Consumption    12 - 15 cfm
   Size of Machine (In mm)
   Combination (In mm)    6100 x 1500 x 1800
   Combination with Zipper n Stand up (In mm)    7600 x 1500 x 1800

*    Depend on the Model selected.
**  Depends on no. of bottom sealing stations & attachments used.
***Depends on size of pouch & thickness of film.

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